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A common form of tournament is Cup Americano (also knowwn as Padel Americano), where you play doubles with different co-players in each match. Cup Americano is a fun, fair and social form of playing! Each player in turn meets each opponent in two matches. The games are played for example 32 points and the match can end like 32-0, 20-12, 18-14 etc. It is also possible to play about 24 points or actually any amount of points. Keep in mind that it is good if the sum of points is divisible by four. (otherwise the players may not serve equally.)

The easiest and probably the best way to create a game schedule for Cup Americano is to use a program (online) like to automatic generate an schedule and keep track on the results. It's free to create an account at and to use the program for small tournaments.

Cup Americano

In Cup Americano (Padel Americano), players engage in doubles matches with different partners in each round. By the end of the tournament, every player has paired up with each participant in a doubles match.

Team Americano

Team Americano is a league format with fixed padelteams (meaning that players compete with the same teammates throughout the entire tournament), but the scoring system is similar to that of Padel Americano.

Mixed Padel Americano

Each team can consist of one male and one female padelplayer, playing doubles with different partners in each match. Thus, the women play with different male players as teammates in each match.

Hybrid Americano

Hybrid Americano is the next generation of Padel Americano. The scoring is the same as in Cup Americano (Padel Americano), but a match win gives 3 points. Different teammates in each match.

Team Hybrid Americano

The team version of Hybrid Americano. The scoring is the same as in Cup Americano (Padel Americano), but a match win gives 3 points.

Set Victory

The advantage of the scoring system in "Set Victory" is that the program handles unfinished matches fairly. Therefore, it is perfectly feasible to time-limit the matches in leagueplay to "55 minutes."

League Play (3/5 Set)

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Padel Mexicano

Padel Mexicano" is a gamingformat where the program creates a gameschedule with the goal of making the matches as evenly matched as possible.

Padel Monrad

Winner's Court Americano Padel

Winner's Court Americano is a variation of Americano where the objective is to fight your way to the Winner's court (and then defend your position!). Players are drawn by lot in game round 1, and it's chance that determines the course, teammates, and opponents. Upon winning, players move up one court and switch teammates. Upon losing, they move down one court and switch teammates.

Team Winner's Court

Team Winner's Court is a team variation of Winner's Court, where the objective is to fight the team's way to the Winner's court (and then defend their position!). Upon winning, the team moves up one padelcourt. Upon losing, the team moves down one padelcourt. The team that wins the final round on the Winner's court is the overall winner!

100 Points

All teams (or players) start with 100 points. Upon winning, you gain +3 points. Upon losing, you lose -3 points. A tie result yields zero points. Unlike regular league play, it is not as crucial for all teams to have played the same number of matches. If some teams play more or fewer matches, it doesn't matter as much.

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